(individual and group exhibitions, projects, realizations)


  • Drawing, Contemporary Theatre, Wrocław
  • Performance Kreacja Destrukcja, gallery „Studio Artes”, Wroclaw – individual


  • Sculpture, Foto-Medium-Art Gallery, Wrocław – individual
  • Painting, Wojnowice Castle- individual
  • Bust of Szymon Konarski, sculpture, Vilnius (permanent exhibition) – individual


  • International Sculpture Symposium „L’Academie du Chateau”, combined with an exhibition

Seelow, Germany


  • Painting, installation, Polish TV, Branch in Wroclaw
  • Objects after 1980, painting, City Museum „Arsenal”, Wroclaw – (Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw’s Anniversary 1946-1996)
  • Installation and drawing, City Gallery, Wroclaw – individual
  • Drawing – II Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing, Lubaczow


  • Monument to slaughter animals – sculpture of the goat – permanent exhibition, Stare Jatki, Wroclaw
  • Painting, installation, Dresden – Town Hall, Germany


  • Sculpture, Castle in Rydzyna – individual
  • Sculpture – Urn for ashes of the last King of Poland Stanislaw August Poniatowski,
  • Royal Castle in Lazienki, Warszawa – individual


  • Painting, exhibition combined with concert by Juliusz Luciuk, Suprasl – individual
  • Design of Chain of St. Stanislaw’s Medal. Los Angeles, USA


  • Design of Monument-Altar – for Association of People Exiled to Siberia, Brzeg Dolny
    (Realization of the painting part)


  • Exhibiton „Wzór Roku 2000” (Design of the Year 2000) Industrial Design Institute, Warszawa
  • Painting „Zapis” (Recording), exhibition in Royal Castle Lazienki, Warszawa – individual
  • Sculpture – Regalia (Chain of St. Stanislaw’s Medal), ceremony of presenting it in Royal Castle Lazienki , Warszawa – individual
  • Presentation of furniture „Aster Mebel” – a set of recreational furniture „YAPI”, United Arab Emirates – Abu Zabi, Dubajj, USA – New York


  • Painting – Museum of Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw – individual
  • National Exhibition of Young Artists VI Eugeniusz Geppert Exhibition, Gallery BWA, Wroclaw
  • Cycle of exhibitions „18 cities – 18 artists” among others in: Brussels, Bratislava, Dubrownik, Graz, Klagenfurt, Ljubljana, Maribor, St. Polten, Sarajewo, Tirana, Varazdin – international artistic project, organized by Art Centre in Graz – Austria


  • Painting – exhibition inaugurating the academic year of academies of art in Wroclaw,
  • Academy of Music, Wroclaw – individual
  • Painting 2004 – „Ciąg Dalszy” (Continuation) Gallery BWA „Awangarda” Wroclaw
  • Painting – gallery „Art Point Black”, Florence, Italy
  • Painting – Town Hall, Wroclaw
  • Painting – international abstract art festiwal „Abstracta”, organized by gallery „Art Point Black”, Florence, Italy


  • Painting- „Wroclaw in Gdansk, Gdansk in Wroclaw”, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk


  • Painting – 60th anniversary of Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Museum ASP, Wroclaw
  • Painting – 60th anniversary of Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, National Museum, Wroclaw
  • Architectural painting design for Medical Center Interior (conceptual drawings, realizational boards, form of realization: glass, pigments, engraving) -Michigan, Livonia, USA
  • „White Eagle Monument” design for the city of Debno (model, conceptual drawings, realizational boards)


  • Painting – „CODES” Design Gallery – BWA, Wroclaw – individual
  • „White Eagle Monument”, ceremonial opening – Debno, (realization in bronze and stone)  –   individual
  • Painting – exhibition opening doctoral degree studies, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw (Academy of Art and Design), Wroclaw – individual


  • Logo design (with animation) for Irish company GK CARPENTRY FASHION
  • Facade design for PHU “Polonia”, Wroclaw
  • Graphic sign design (with animation) “Wroclaw the meeting place” for PHU “Polonia”
  • Participation in charity auction organized by KIWANIS CLUB WRATISLAVIA City Museum “Arsenal”, Wroclaw


  • Participation in International Art Workshop in Ihlow, Germany
  • Participation in exhibition in Ihlow, Germany


  • Painting – exhibition closing doctoral degree studies, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw (Academy of Art and Design)
  • Painting – “Zapis” (“Record”) in “Salon 4 Muz”, Oborniki Slaskie – individual
  • Painting – PLEINAIR 2009 Internationaler Workshop an der Klosterstatte Ihlow, Ihlow, Germany.
  • Painting – „Hallo Wrocław 2016! Łączyć. Dzielić.” Görlitz, Germany
  • Painting  – „WRO-POZ„ POZ-WRO -WROCŁAW NIE DO POZNANIA”, „Old Brewery”, Poznan,


  • Painting – “From inside to inside”, a presentation of the Academy of Humanities in Wroclaw in the “European Night of Museums”, Gallery BrowArt, Brewery Bourgeois, Wroclaw
  • Painting – “30 +”, the “European Night of Museums”, Gallery SOCATO, Wroclaw
  • Wroclaw Painting – “Underwater Wroclaw”, Gallery BrowArt, Brewery Bourgeois, Wroclaw
  • Painting – “Materia medicinalis, materia artificialis” Pharmacy Museum in Krakow, Krakow


  • Painting – „Co je tu / co tu není – What is / what is not here.” Paintings, installations and objects by artists from Wroclaw, Oblastní galleries v Liberec, Czech Republic.
  • Painting – “Is today’s art is romantic?” – Exhibition of Fine Arts Painting Katery them. Eugene Geppert in Wroclaw, Gallery “Kobro” ASP them. Strzeminski in Lodz, Lodz.


  • Painting-“Primavera 2013”-exhibition of adjuncts and assistants cathedrals of painting at the Academy of fine arts. E. Design of Breslau, Arsenal – Municipal Museum of Wrocław
  • Painting-“night”-exhibition of educators, cathedrals painting Academy of fine arts. E. Design in Wroclaw, Gallery Konduktorownia the regional society for the encouragement of fine arts in Częstochowa, Częstochowa
  • Painting-“Ultimate Crypto”-exhibition of educators, Faculty of painting and sculpture at the Academy of fine arts. E. Design in Wrocław, art gallery – Brześć-cultural centre, the shore
  • Painting “Impromptu Silesian”-exhibition of educators, Faculty of painting and sculpture at the Academy of fine arts. E. Design in Wrocław, Club Employees of Silesian University of technology in Gliwice, Gliwice
  • Painting – “EVBK – 56 Years Europäische Vereinigung Bildender Künstler aus Eifel und Ardennen”-Prüm Abteigebäude, Prüm, Germany


  • “Artifacts” Municipal Museum of Wroclaw-City Hall-Gallery Patio, Wrocław, Poland-individual
  • “small ≈ BIG”[czyt. małe, w przybliżeniu, duże] exhibition of educators, Cathedrals in Wrocław, ASP Painting Gallery Refectory Krotoszyńskiego Culture Center, Greensboro
  • Lecture by author (based on your own work) that is linked to the multimedia presentation: “BUSINESS” of the series of lectures under the title “this terrible contemporary art,” organized by the Wrocław art history Students Foundation in cooperation with the Scientific Students of art history University of Wrocław-Institute of art history of Wrocław-Wroclaw
  • Lecture by author connected to the multimedia presentation: “CONTEMPORARY ART in the context of the implementation of the BRAND KULIK,”-the Head Office of the company COMDESIGNE-Warsaw, Poland
  • “small ≈ BIG”,[czyt. małe, w przybliżeniu, duże] an exhibition of Painting in Wroclaw, ASP Cathedrals educators Hall of ASP. E. Design in Wrocław,


  • “The PAPER”, an exhibition of the Cathedral workers Drawing Faculty of painting and sculpture of the Wroclaw fine arts, Gallery of the CASTLE-Castle cultural centre, Wroclaw
  • “Wnętrzarzy Painting”, an exhibition of educators, artists and students of the higher school of Humanistic in Wroclaw, in the framework of the “European Night of museums”, Gallery INTERNAL WSH in Wrocław
  • “Painting, painting”, an exhibition of material Painting in Wroclaw in the ASP Cathedrals and Painting Festival Wrocław the European “ASP Night of museums”, Aula ASP. E. Design in Wrocław
  • “LITERARY”, Gallery “-iron, forge”, Wrocław-individual
  • Design and implementation of the “Memorial to the victims of the Nazi pseudoeutanazji” for the Neuropsychiatric Hospital Provincial for them. Oscar Bielawskiego in kościan, permanent exhibition, Kościan-individual
  • “Two points”, an exhibition of Painting, the Wrocław Cathedral workers “Gallery in the attic”, Prudnik
  • “The direction of the Painting”, an exhibition of material related to the Department of painting and sculpture ASP in Wroclaw, “Artistic Activity” in Piotrków Trybunalski, Piotrków Trybunalski
  • “Warsaw-Wrocław”, an exhibition of material related to the Department of painting and sculpture ASP in Wroclaw, “Gallery of the Academy Lounge”, in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland


  • “WROCŁAW NOW-All Calculated chaos”, the exhibition of the educators, Cathedrals in Wrocław, ASP Painting “Gallery Casa Matei” Kluiź-Napoca, Romania